launch a search to find the Nation’s BEST BFFs to celebrate International Friendship Day

To celebrate International Friendship Day on Thursday 30th July, set out to find the UK’s best BFFs, the friend who has gone above and beyond for their bestie.

thortful asked people to submit stories of friendship and the response was overwhelming. Heartfelt words full of kindness, warmth, and selflessness, not to mention some real tearjerkers!

Having received over 120 submissions, thortful created a shortlist of entries and chose one winner. Sharing the following heartening message about her BFF, Kat was crowned the winner of the competition: “We’ve been there for each other during the best of times and the worst of times. We’ve been there for each other through every rubbish relationship break-up, when doing the ‘walk of shame’, when her Dad sadly died and for each new job. We’ve been friends since we were 12 and we’re now 35. I know we’ll be side by side when we’re old and grey, no matter what life throws at us.”

Below are four further entries – make sure you have your tissues at the ready:

1. Speaking about her best friend, Sharon explained: “We’ve been through births, marriages, divorce, death of parents, dementia of a parent and my breast cancer battle. She is never without the right words of wisdom. Never too busy for me. Never judgemental or unkind. We became friends aged 7 and 9 and we’re now 50 and 52.”

2. And it’s not just our platonic relationships that we value as Katey explains that her BFF is also her husband, soul mate and sidekick for life: “Not only have we been together for 20 years, he makes me laugh and always picks me up if I’m down. He is my go-to person for everything and makes my days brighter. He understands me like no one else does and always knows what I’m thinking. He is my protector, comforter, and my happy place.”

3. Lizi explained: “Me and my BFF speak every single day and send endless voice notes. Throughout lockdown, we have kept in touch with baking via Zoom and quizzes. We have also sent each other treats and cards to make each other smile too… she’s been my ultimate cheerleader in lockdown, and I love her for it.”

4. Kim also described her BFF as: “My compass. If I ever feel worried, indecisive, insecure, vulnerable, or simply out of sorts, I call her or better still I visit her and her beautiful family to recalibrate my compass. She is a superhero in my eyes.”

Commenting on the campaign, explains how: “People have gone to great lengths to stay connected with their friends during the lockdown. We saw a huge increase in our thinking of you and miss you cards during this time, indicating that friendship and connection are more important than ever. This was reconfirmed by the overwhelming response we had to our friendship campaign, featuring heartfelt stories of kindness, altruism, and compassion.”

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