As Timothee and the rest of the Wonka cast entered a world of pure imagination at the premiere last Tuesday, his colourful velvet suit paying homage to the whimsical and flamboyant character he portrays in the film has seemingly inspired fans to try out the look themselves.

In the days following the film premiere, online menswear retailer has seen sales of its Burgundy Tweed Suit Jacket rise by 83%, whilst sales of its Tonic Suit Jacket & Trouser pairing have risen by 81% and 12% respectively within the same period*.

From glitter harnesses to full floral suits, Timothee has become a fashion icon on the red carpet over the years, with his fierce and eye-catching fits redefining the idea of formal attire. His unique flair has already seen him top the charts of GQ’s best dressed men in 2020 and has been an ever-present name on the list since.

As the actor rocked up at Royal Festival Hall on Tuesday, his luxurious velvet suit resembling his iconic character took centre stage, and whilst Willy Wonka’s outfit may be deemed too old fashioned by many, Timothee’s red-carpet recreation has turned Wonka into a style icon.

Avid fans aiming to re-create Timothee’s red-carpet look can find all the essentials they need on, with sizes available from S to 6XL.

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