Staggeringly, the number of active UK gambling accounts is almost at the 35 million mark, which is one account each for more than half of the current UK population. As a nation, the UK is leading across the world for growth in the gaming industry, with the yield for gross gambling increasing by £6 million for the years between 2011 and 2018.

So what is the secret to this success – technology, online gambling? We are going to have a look into the reasons behind the growth, and why the gambling industry in the UK is head and shoulders above the rest.

Rapid Growth in Number of Online Bingo Sites

This ageless game just keeps on going and going. Bingo continues to change its image in order to keep up with modern trends, and attract the next generation of gamblers. In the past 20 years, there has been a surge in the number of online bingo platforms, such as Gala Spins, which offer a player a range of bingo variations, frequent promotions, and a number of instant games. Bingo is not slowing down, and contributes a large percentage to the current number of online UK gambling accounts.

Fairness and Transparency

The UK is well known for its stringent measures against gambling operators to ensure fair gaming, and therefore can offer the player a higher guarantee of fairness when it comes to playing their favourite slot title, and therefore a player is more inclined to game with this operator.


Player safety is of the highest importance too, with operators making help readily available should it be needed, including support lines and there is a special focus on younger generations to ensure their safety now, and for their futures.

Slot Gaming Technology

Every aspect of technology that goes into a slot title reaching an audience is improving at a remarkable pace. It is almost at a stage now where the industry is struggling to keep up with technological advancements, as it seems a weekly occurrence that some form of new technology is becoming available.


If you look at the variety of slot mechanics, themes, and features that are available, it seems that there is something out there for every preference; hence an increase in players. There is also a lot of choice in how a player can game, with developers now supporting mobile phone devices, computers, laptops, and tablets. The importance of having all of these options available was highlighted during the Covid pandemic, when betting shops were forced to close, meaning that players were able to continue gaming freely.

Working in Collaboration

There is not one out-and-out reason for the increase in growth, but more a collection of reasons, which complement each other. The legislation and foundations of the industry which have been put in place in the UK has allowed operators to build a solid business, with a freedom to excel and grow. The tremendous improvement in technology has enabled operators to reach wider audiences, as well as offer up-to-date content which continually keeps the consumer entertained.

What’s more, online gambling is now easier than ever, and players can partake in their favourite slot game or any other kind of bet wherever they are, providing that they have online access. Finally, due to the aforementioned, there are more online operators starting up now than ever before, because it is a business which is safe, and is growing.

Due to all of these reasons, UK consumers can now bet safer than ever, more than ever, and better than ever! This seems solid reasoning for the growth in the UK gambling, and exactly why it is a world leader in this industry!

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