Which region do you need to come from to most likely win an Olympic medal?

Research reveals that you are most likely to win an Olympic medal if you are from London or Surrey! Over the last 10 years London born Olympians have brought home 35 medals and Surrey born have won 18 medals!

Top 3 Counties with British Olympic Bronze Medal Winners

London — 9
Surrey — 6
West Yorkshire, Merseyside and Hertfordshire — 4 each
Top 3 Counties with British Olympic Silver Medal Winners

London — 16
Glasgow — 6
Surrey — 5
Top 3 Counties with British Olympic Gold Medal Winners

London — 10
Surrey — 7
Gloucestershire — 6

What sports do Team GB win the most medals in?

When it comes to what sports Great Britain has the most success in at the Olympics, our strengths are clear. Team GB has brought back 24 medals in cycling over the past 10 years, accounting for over a fifth of our medals. Impressively, 14 of these are gold!


Cycling – 24
Rowing – 14
Athletics – 13
Gymnastics – 11
Swimming – 9

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