10 Years Younger In 10 Days – Stylist Gemma Sheppard shares 10 tips for dressing with confidence after lockdown

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Our diaries are filling up with summer social engagements but many of us are pondering the same question: ‘What on earth do I wear?’

After months of living in loungewear, as we reacquaint ourselves with the full contents of our wardrobes, choosing the right outfit isn’t always easy. Changed tastes, body shapes and priorities can all impact how we feel about what we wear.

Furthermore, image anxiety is now a real issue. In a recent study*, 43% of female respondents reported feeling less attractive since the start of Covid-19 restrictions.

As Channel 5’s 10 Years Younger in 10 Days returns on Sunday at 8pm, the show’s resident stylist Gemma Sheppard today unveils 10 fashion tips to maximise confidence.

Gemma Sheppard says: “On 10 Years Younger in 10 Days I help people get back to their best by encouraging confidence both inwardly and through the clothes they wear. As a salute to this, the following style tips will help everyone feel the best version of themselves, every day!”

Gemma Sheppard’s Top 10 Tips for Dressing With Confidence After Lockdown:

Invest in accessories – You deserve a bag that will warrant at least two compliments every time you use it and you will never regret purchasing a timeless style that – like you – gets better with age. Choose a bag which is the opposite of the lines / shape of your body i.e. if you are slim go for round, square or wide forms; if you are small and / or full-figured, choose more extended and rectangular forms.

Don’t ditch your heels – It can be mighty tempting to forever eschew stilettos in favour of flats and trainers (or even Crocs!), but there is a middle ground: Sensible heels that are as easy to walk in as they are stylish. A two or three cm style (I love a simple slingback or a wedge) is surprisingly comfortable, helps you walk tall and looks put-together but won’t leave you with sore soles and aching arches. Choose a style where the heel is in the middle of the heel pad, not right at the back of the shoe.

Go for mid-length sleeves – Shirts that show off slender forearms are so flattering (regardless of your age). If your top has cropped sleeves, great. If you’re wearing long-sleeves, roll ’em up.

Opt for darker wash denim – Dark wash denim is inherently slimming. Plus, its more grown-up and easier to dress up than bleached washes.

Pick solids over prints – I’m not saying toss out every floral piece in your wardrobe, but solids are way simpler to accessorise and re-wear in multiple ways. If you’re investing in some new pieces, choose a colour palette that will work together, for example neutrals – beige, creams, taupe…

Find a good tailor – Now that you know what looks great on your shape, find someone you trust to take your wardrobe to the next level. Hemming a pair of trousers or blazer by a couple of cm can make all the difference.

Treat yourself to quality pieces – Chasing trends is fine, but make sure your wardrobe has quality basics. High-quality fabric and fabrication means you’ll have these pieces for years to come. A cashmere jumper from Marks and Spencer, a timeless Burberry trench coat or a blazer from Anine Bing. Also, don’t forget to search preloved websites such as Vestiaire and Re-Fashion where you can often find items at a fraction of the price!

Invest in the right foundations – A perfect-fitting bra and good supportive briefs will change how your clothes fit. Get the foundations right and you’ll instantly walk taller. Brands I love are Wacoal, Marks and Spencer, Figleaves and Freya.

Add a splash of sparkle – Metallics, especially worn near your face, instantly brighten your complexion. This doesn’t mean you need to dress like a disco ball. Even muted metallics, like a cami worn under a blazer, can make a big difference.

You do you! – Whatever you wear, make sure you wear it because it makes YOU feel good and NOT because you’re being told to wear it by somebody else, be it fashion advice in a magazine or a best pal who has their finger on the fashion pulse. On 10 Years Younger in 10 Days style authenticity rocks. Always remain true to yourself!

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