Britain is in the thick of a bleak winter, with shorter, darker and colder days in tow. Brits are robbed of daylight with the drawn-in nights and are missing out on all the health benefits associated with sunlight.

New research from vitamin D specialists, SunVit-D3, has shown that, even when spending time outside in daylight during both the winter and summer months, we aren’t exposing ourselves to adequate levels of vitamin D. What’s more, only a third (35%) understand what vitamin D does.

The vitamin specialists SunVit-D3 has been committed since 2009 to support Brits through the winter months by championing “the sunshine vitamin” and improving their well-being by boosting the immune system and strengthening bones.

Working with world-renowned Sports and Dance EndocrinologistDr Nicky Keay (BA, MA (Cantab), MB, BChir, MRCP) explains, “The main source of vitamin D is through the action of sunlight on skin. Vitamin D supports healthy bones, muscles and immune function. Vitamin D is found in some foods, such as certain fish, egg yolks and in fortified dairy and grain products, but we can’t get our full requirement from food alone. As sunlight is sadly lacking during winter months in UK, the NHS recommend we all take daily vitamin D supplementation during winter.”

The web video can be viewed and downloaded here for inclusion: Vitamin-D