A third of over 50s say they are having the best SEX of their lives

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A third of over 50s say they are having the best SEX of their lives, it was revealed yesterday.

New research into the love lives of Britain’s over 50s (both single and attached) has revealed as many as 32 percent reckon they are having more fun between the sheets now compared to when they were in their 30s and 40s.

And having decades of practice was cited as the main reason, according to the study.

No body hang-ups, new partners and not being afraid to experiment were also among the reasons sex was better at fifty plus, the poll found.

The survey, of over 50s British adults to mark the launch of the DVD release of Book Club, staring Dianne Keaton and Jane Fonda – found that one in ten are back on the dating scene after being in a long-term relationship, with 17 percent of those having had a recent sexual encounter with someone they met online.

In fact, nearly one in twenty of the single respondents polled said they have had many new sexual partners since being footloose and fancy free.

And almost a quarter (23 percent) of fifty plus Brits claim sex is far more liberating in older age.

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