A Woman’s View – powerful and profound art in new magazine by and for women in the prison system

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Incredible art has been shared in a new magazine called The View. Created by women in the prison system, the artwork shows the value of creativity for wellbeing and rehabilitation, as well as how it is a profound vehicle for communication and connection.

The art, created by women in prisons, speaks to truth, honesty, and power, at the same time as being vulnerable. It’s not just cathartic or therapeutic – the art shows real talent.

As well as providing necessary diversion and emotional escape, art permits the women to express themselves and re-establish their own identity. The art features strong women, identity, psychology and the roles played in society.

The View is a magazine devoted to women in prison and everyone affected by the criminal justice system. It is the only magazine of its kind in the UK containing content written by women prisoners and those on license in the community (with contributions from their families, lawyers and supporters).  The magazine will be distributed at no charge to serving women prisoners.

The View contains heartfelt content, including poems, prose and the artwork of some 40 women prisoners. The launch issue focuses on issues of unlawful detention following recall and ongoing IPP (Indeterminate Public Protection). Featured in The View is a ‘solutions-led’ content by leading advocates, providing vital legal information to prisoners and their supporters, such as how to access the finest legal help and charitable resources.

The magazine has a human-rights based approach to how women should be treated in English prisons.  Included are case studies showing where HM Government and its agencies are failing. For women finding themselves trapped in the criminal justice system; The View offers them new ‘self-soothing’ techniques, including meditation, ‘self-grounding’, mindfulness, writing and art therapy.

This innovative approach will enable such women to get through imprisonment, probation and parole, armed with a knowledge of their rights and responsibilities. This will lead to fewer difficult times within the prison environment and more chance of successful reintegration.

“The View is an essential and beautifully produced toolkit for women prisoners to survive prison and come out unbroken. I am proud to support this venture and I believe it will equip women and the larger public to become more informed about the state of the women’s estate and the issues such as being hundreds of miles from their children and families that women prisoners endure,” says Baroness Uddin, the magazine’s Patron.

“A useful mine of information for any solicitor or barrister involved in criminal justice and prison law,” says Philip Sinclair, Head of Maidstone Chambers and leading criminal barrister.

Features and benefits of The View Magazine include.

  • Uncensored content by and for women prisoners shining a light on treatment and conditions in women’s prisons
  • All content submitted by serving prisoners is paid for, and available to the prisoner to spend upon release for resettlement purposes
  • Insights into policy and guidelines that should be followed while a woman is imprisoned and commentary and advocacy by leading crime, public law and human rights advocates

The View Magazine will be available starting February 20 2020, at £5 per copy plus P&P or £20 per year for four copies. For more information on The View, visit www.theviewmag.org.uk