AGM Batteries boss responds to Brexit delay

Last night, Boris Johnson’s timetable for the UK to depart from the EU was rejected by MPs, leaving his plan to secure a deal delayed for up to three more months.

Each day of Brexit uncertainty means firms are withholding key investment decisions, with British manufacturers in particular expecting output to fall at a faster rate in the next three months.

Investment in the manufacturing sector is predicted to be at the lowest rate next year since the financial crisis, having a detrimental impact on its economic outlook and 2.6 million employees.

The founder and CEO of AGM Batteries (AMTE Power), Kevin Brundish, is available to shed light on the harsh reality for UK companies in light of the current political climate.

Kevin comments: “As demand for batteries continues to rise, leading UK manufacturers like ourselves are hoping for the UK government to settle on the right deal, fast. The fragile economy needs promise of ongoing stimulation if we are to keep up with the expansion of the market.”

Kevin continues: “Battery supply for the niche UK manufacturing industry is already challenged, as it struggles to meet demand, and with the volume required being vastly surpassed by offshore production levels. In response, the Government should be focusing on ending Brexit and drawing back in investment to aid the creation of a robust UK supply chain, instead of relying on large scale manufacturers abroad.”

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