Betting on Goalscorers in Football

One of the fun aspects of betting on football is choosing a bet that is a little different from just simply selecting a winner. Backing a player to score a goal is one of those options that punters can use, and you can bet on this in many different ways.

This allows people to pick out their favourite players, ones that are impressive or simply someone who plays for the team they support, and then back them for success.

Betting on goal scorers has changed a lot over the past decade, with a number of new markets created. This means more opportunities for those who bet on their own team. There are also free bets available for new customers, where a bookmaker offers to pay the stake on the first bet you place with them.

Here are some of the newer ways in which people can bet on goal scorers, alongside the traditional first goal scorer market that has been around for many years.

Anytime Goalscorer

One of the biggest problems that many people had with betting on the first goal scorer market was that the bet could be over and lost within the first minute of the game. Therefore, bookmakers needed to find something that would last beyond the first goal in the game.

This is where the anytime goalscorer market was created, giving people the chance to have an interest for the full 90 minutes, or up until their player scores and the bet is a winner.

This market is perfect for those who want to pick out multiple players as the odds are shorter and the chances of winning are greater. Looking at the latest sports news for injury information, player availability and upcoming fixtures will give you the information you need for picking out your selections.

To Score 2+ or To Score a Hat Trick

We’ve just mentioned a betting market that shortened the odds, the next are two that lengthen the odds. Rather than betting on your player to score first, or to score at any time in the game, you can also back a player to score two goals or more, or to score a hat trick.

This is where the bets become riskier of course, but the odds are greater to match that, giving you a bigger reward if you get one right.

These are best saved for when games look as though they are going to be one-sided, high scoring affairs, where players have the chance to get on the scoresheet multiple times.

We’ve already seen Blackburn’s Adam Armstrong bag a hat trick this season and if you can find the right player and bet on them at the right time then this can result in a very nice win.

Goal Scorer Match Bets

The final market to talk about is something that you can bet on when two teams meet, but you can also use this market for a season-long wager if you would prefer to do that.

This market brings together two players in a match bet, to see who can score the most goals. We see this in a lot of bigger games, where both teams have a well-known and recognised striker who they rely on for goals.

You are not choosing someone to score here, what you are choosing is for someone to score more than their opposing player in the bet.

Those using this as a season-long betting market will notice that title hopefuls, local rivals and any players with past history are likely to be put together here in order to create a betting market you can use.

This is something different, and the most recent creation, but it looks sure to be popular and keep growing.