Bonking Brits: New research reveals 15% of UK have had sex outside!

  • A new report by reveals the most promiscuous areas of the UK
  • 15% of Brits have had sex in public!
  • Londoners most likely to have sex outside

With lockdown restrictions easing, surveyed the UK to uncover not only the PDAs Brits feel most uncomfortable witnessing, but what they’re also guilty of getting up to in public (and how many have been caught in the act!).

The results show that 15% of Brits are guilty of having sex in public, with Londoners being the worst offenders! The full list of cities who admitted to having sex in public can be seen below:

Ranking City Had sex in public
1 London 28%
2 Bristol 20%
3 Belfast 15%
4 Birmingham 13%
5 Manchester 12%
6 Glasgow 11%
7 Norwich 11%
8 Newcastle 10%
9 Edinburgh 10%
10 Southampton 9%
11 Nottingham 8%
12 Cardiff 8%
13 Sheffield 7%
14 Liverpool 7%
15 Leeds 5%

The findings also show that men are more up for PDAs than women, with more men admitting to having sex and snogging in public, compared to women.

Age also seems to play a factor in levels of promiscuity and prudishness. Generation X was the most risqué, with Millennials not far behind in second place. And being promiscuous in public doesn’t run in the family, with the baby boomer generation (many of whom are parents of millennials) being the most prudish.

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