Boxing day bonking: 26th September revealed as the most popular day for babies to be born

  • Data analysed from the UK government live births database reveals the most popular day for babies to be born is the 26th September, meaning parents conceived the most children on Boxing day!
  • The whole of September is by far the busiest month for new births as Parents make the most of their Christmas break!

It would appear that last Christmas many Brits gave away much more than their hearts, and certainly many did more than just kiss under the mistletoe.

Although last Christmas might feel a distant memory to many, for thousands of Brits the actions of last Christmas are about to become very real.

September the 26th has been revealed as the most popular day for babies to be born according to UK government data analysed by

The 26th September will see on average 2000 babies being born as the reality of Boxing day sex kick in for new parents.

September as a whole sees the most babies being born whilst the least number of babies are born on the 25th and 26th of December (probably as parents are too busy making new ones 😉)

To celebrate the UK’s most popular birthday, have created tongue and cheek birthday cards for those who celebrate the 26th as their special day

Andy Pearce Co-founder and CEO at comments “This data would appear to suggest that the UK had a very merry Christmas indeed last year! At thortful we celebrate all birthdays and are delighted to offer unique cards to those celebrating the most popular UK birthday!”

The full card collection can be seen: