Brit CEO Anita Tweats: “Young Businesses Should Have No Limits”

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One of the UK’s leading finance professionals has told how she succeeded in business by challenging her limits and scheduling me time.

Anita Tweats, CEO of financial services matchmaker The Finance People, said organisation, goal setting and time away from work were all vital to making an enterprise succeed.

Her own company has won praise for its unique service matching experienced finance professionals with start-ups and other small companies who require financial expertise.

Now she has offered advice to others in the SME sector with a well-executed to do list, delegation and priority goal setting all featuring as key skills.

She began by sharing what she considered to be the best piece of advice someone had told her when she was starting out in business 20 years ago.

“Someone once told me – don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits. I always bear this in mind as a reminder to keep driving forward, to always push yourself and to constantly aim for ambitious achievements.”

Anita said her success stems from a well organised daily routine which begins with starting each morning with a positive mind set.

“Having a successful working day really does begin with getting out of bed on the – metaphorical – right foot.

“I’m normally awake by five o’clock in the morning, as I like to have a little quiet time to myself before the whole household wakes up at around half past six.

“Whatever time you usually rise each day, some peaceful ‘me-time’ can help you start work in a more positive and productive mood.

“I like to go for a run or a swim in a morning before heading to the office, to clear my mind and keeps me stay healthy.”

Once at the office The Finance People CEO believes that organisation and delegation should be any business leader’s priorities.

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