British growers are placing value at the core as the British apple and pear season approaches

Monday 3rd October 2022 marks the start of the British season, with supermarkets fully stocked with delicious, home-grown apples and pears.

October also marks National Cholesterol Month and with coronary heart disease (CHD) now the biggest cause of deaths worldwide,1 and half of UK adults having raised cholesterol, British apples are the ideal snack for our hearts.

Studies have shown that incorporating apples into our diets is associated with lower cholesterol, due to their pectin (natural fibre) content.2 Decreasing cholesterol levels reduces the lifetime risk of developing fatal heart and circulatory diseases3.

The benefits of apples extend way beyond our heart, they are great for our wallets too. British apples are second only to bananas in terms of affordability4, and they are a wise choice because they store so well in the fridge and will not create food waste in the home. 5

Compared to other snacks, British apples are excellent value. Typically, an apple is less than half the price of a bag of crisps or chocolate bar6, so it’s a no brainer to swap out a bagged snack for a delicious, affordable and nutritious British apple.

To celebrate the start of the British apple and pear season, renowned chef, Raymond Blanc, is championing our home-grown apples, stating; “I believe Britain produces some of the highest-quality apple and pear varieties in the world, and we should continue to support British produce and local suppliers, offering the best value for British shoppers.”

Ali Capper, Executive Chair of BAPL, comments: “British apples are the best choice a shopper can make – they are affordable, they store brilliantly in the fridge, they are nutritious and they have low food miles which means they are not just kind to our wallets, but are also kind to our environment”.

Snacking on an apple a day is a simple and affordable solution to support our heart health, while offering numerous other nutritional benefits. Swapping out high sugar and salt snacks for a juicy, British apple is a great value choice and good for everyone’s health

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