“Training with naval rope improved my sexual performance” declares fitness influencer Michele Soel

The naval rope began to become known in gyms after the popularity of crossfit, and fitness influencer Michele Soel shows that the benefits of this training go beyond weight loss. “Using the naval rope during day-to-day functional training provides me with a good caloric expenditure, improves my sexual disposition, which helps in my relationship, and still works a lot in the core region and helps to develop strength, power and muscular endurance “, it says.

Michele says that there is a prejudice against exercise, because people do not understand its features. “When I say that it is possible to have a flat belly with this exercise, no one believes me. They think it’s only good for the arms, for example”.

Today Michele demystifies training and shows the results. 500 calories were lost in a 20-minute workout, she showed. “The secret is to combine the curls with squats, jumps, push-ups and squats.”

Michele Soel is known on social media for being one of the most followed fitness moms on the internet. She came back with her normal body in 45 days after giving birth, and today she sports a flat belly in the photos and a 25 cm waist, all with a super clean diet and natural foods. The model and mother also gives exercise tips and encourages other moms to adhere to a fitness routine at home, as well as sharing some photo tricks.

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