British Offsite, a highly advanced manufacturing and construction company, has officially launched to the open market

British Offsite, a highly advanced manufacturing and construction company, has officially launched to the open market, offering the most technologically advanced light gauge steel panel system in the marketplace. Founded with £35million investment from Weston Group, British Offsite specialises in the design and production of superstructure and interior fit modular construction solutions which can be tailored to a developer’s needs.

As part of its open market launch, British Offsite will have a spectacular exhibition stand at the Offsite Expo at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry, 21-22nd September 2021 to meet customers and openly showcase their product range for the first time.

The launch of British Offsite will see the company selling its exterior building and interior fitout components to builders and contractors in the construction sector, including local and regional house builders. Customers of British Offsite will be invited to place orders for the manufacture, delivery and installation on site of these high-quality factory-made components, helping to save them on construction times and costs. An intrinsic part of the British Offsite service is their detailed collaboration with their customers on sequencing and construction programme management, to ensure that the efficiency of the UNI System is optimised.

British Offsite is focused on making the transition to offsite construction a natural evolution for developers, whilst saving clients time, space and resources on site. The system is flexible and can be used for hybrid MMC elements in houses, mid-rise and high-rise sites, including those in high density urban areas.

The UNI System range includes light gauge panels, walls, roofs and floors. The system is a specially developed hybrid MMC that is highly flexible and allows rapid integration into traditional building design. In addition, British Offsite also manufactures internal fitout modules, under their BOS Fitout brand, which includes bathroom components, kitchen and bedroom products, designed to be easily integrated into existing projects, with full quality control testing before elements reach site.

British Offsite reveal that the innovative hybrid MMC approach means the time between a site’s ground-breaking and first handovers can be reduced by up to 20%. One fully dressed UNI Panel can be produced every 15 minutes, and the panels for one entire apartment can be produced every 60 minutes. The British Offsite factories have capacity for up to 150,000 linear metres of UNI System products per year, and will run for 20 hours per day, producing panels with windows, doors, insulation, vents, fire stopping and external cladding in place, manufactured exactly to a developer’s needs.

British Offsite has just invested in a second state-of-the-art factory, to run along alongside their existing factory in Braintree, Essex, to produce their innovative UNI System of light gauge steel panels. This new factory’s robotic production line, inspired by the automotive industry, will be operated by the highly skilled British Offsite workforce and is enhancing the business’s capacity to enable it to deliver 400% more construction activity per employee. This highly advanced production line is set to deliver 4,000 homes per year, radically reducing the risk and delays in construction and will be the most advanced light gauge steel panel assembly line in Europe.

The £6 million production line is being delivered by Swedish partner Randek AB and will boast a host of new machinery, automation and productivity solutions of which British Offsite will be the first customer in the UK to receive.

Shaun Weston, Managing Director of British Offsite says: “British Offsite has been launched to radically reduce the risk and delays in construction, an unrivalled delivery capacity helping to deliver occupiable homes faster. Our MMC products are designed to be easily integrated into existing projects, helping to streamline traditional residential construction. Our state-of-the-art facilities will include the largest steel panel factory in the UK, with the most advanced light-gauge steel assembly line in Europe, meaning we can deliver precise products more quickly for our customers.”

Shaun Weston continues: “British Offsite is proud to be part of the new wave of high tech British manufacturing, bringing very significant new capabilities to the UK construction industry. We have carefully assembled our own team, bringing together a strong combination of blended experience from the construction, automotive, general manufacturing, and engineering industries, to put ourselves at the very forefront of this fast-moving arena.”

Furthermore, Shaun Weston continues: “The skills shortage in the construction industry was widely reported before Brexit, and now we’re in a post-Brexit environment where the pandemic has further reduced access to skills. With the work of up to five trades consolidated into our panels, our customers are more protected from the skills shortage and construction can continue unhindered.”

The UNI System is NHBC Accepts accredited and system components are carefully selected for all relevant accreditation compliance.

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