Brits waste over £369 million monthly on unused gym membership

Fridge Raiders has revealed that UK adults waste a staggering £369m a month on unused gym membership. That’s over £4billion a year.

Research from the protein-based snack brand reveals that a quarter (23%) of Britons have a gym membership, but only 12% of these individuals actually use it regularly.

With the average monthly gym membership priced at £35.05[i], that’s a huge amount of money going down the drain.

The study reveals many Brits avoid the gym because they find the experience intimidating (22%) – with women finding it more intimidating than men (28% vs 16%) – and 18% of potential gym-goers feeling like people are watching everything they do. In addition to this, over a fifth (22%) of Brits find the gym boring.

Matt Paterson, Brand Manager at Fridge Raiders, adds, “Our research suggests an enormous amount of money is wasted on gym membership because people find the experience boring or intimidating – they’re unsure of what to do and how to use equipment, or are sick of doing the same things. Fridge Raiders wants to show people that exercise doesn’t have to be boringor done in the gym – they can cancel the wasted £35 every month and still get fit.  We launched Power Play in February, with different and unique exercise classes to demonstrate this, and there’s more exciting activity to come later in the year.

“Brits can get fit whilst having fun by doing a multitude of activities – from dancing with friends, having a sports day with mates, or simply walking the dog. Of course, a healthy diet that includes good sources of protein will help to keep you powered.”

Over a third of Brits (35%) claim they snack to keep themselves fueled. Fridge Raiders offers smarter snacking options; packed with energy-boosting protein and taste bud-tingling flavours, to help keep Brits powered and fuller for longer when they’re doing exercise or on-the-go.

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