JOB TODAY founder Polina Montano shares her advice on finding the right role

JOB TODAY founder Polina Montano has this week shared her advice on finding the right role.

Find a Job that works for you

With the variety of options and flexibility in the job market, you no longer have to compromise your lifestyle because of work. Whatever the role, finding something that works alongside your lifestyle will give you greater job satisfaction and in-turn help your performance

Find your passion

There may be a job out there you’ve never considered which you could absolutely love. If you’re into food, you can get your foot on the ladder as a chef or waiter, if you love animals, you could always try dog walking. Find the things that you’re interested in and then look for them in a role.

Mould The Job To Your Needs

The booming casual job market has made it easier than ever for young people to try different roles. This is something that should be encouraged, helping to develop new skills, broaden your CV and ultimately try different roles which could leave to you discovering something you’re passionate about.

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