Changes Being Applied to UK’s National Lottery Starting in November

Somewhat of an institution in the UK, the National Lottery is set to change in some respects starting on Saturday, November 7th. Some loyal lottery playing fans may be wondering just how this will affect their purchasing of tickets and prize distribution, but before we dive into that, let’s take a brief look at how impactful the National Lottery has been for the country since its beginning.

The truth is that we cannot really distinguish a moment in history when the notion of gaming and playing was invented. What we know is that the traditions across the globe are very different and have been evolving from one continent to another. There are currently many different outlets available for gaming and playing the lottery in every corner of the world. One of Europe’s biggest, The National Lottery, founded in November of 1994, has been running in the UK for over 25 years with millions of players each year.

There have been many huge benefits coming from the National Lottery as well, such as billions of dollars being donated to charitable causes over the years thanks to its massive following. So why would any alterations need to be made in light of such success for the economy and the people? You may be surprised to find out that the changes will benefit players exponentially.

Larger cash prizes

The biggest change set to come into effect early November is that now players will have a much better shot at winning prizes when there is a Rollout, or in layman’s terms, the situation when the jackpot has rolled over five times without being won. With these new changes, only a two-number match will be sufficient enough to win £5 and receive a free chance to play a second time. It’s an updated regulation that could result in over one million lottery players winning these two prizes.

In an effort to raise even more money for charities and organizations that need it, Camelot’s Commercial Director, Neil Brocklehurst has pushed these changes for the benefit of others in the community as well as to provide more prizes to everyday citizens who play the lottery but may not win as often. This way, a large number of people will gain a few extra pounds that can be spent on a small lunch or saved away.

So now, in addition to receiving a free Lucky Dip which was already the rule if a person matched two numbers, a cash prize will add even more to the excitement to a lotto win. Giving this share of the jackpot to such a large number of people just reinforces the National Lotto’s goal that their main objective is to always have money going to good causes.

These changes will also affect the mobile application so followers of the lotto that play using their devices should update their applications before November 5th to play and check results without any issues.

Caption: Around 25% of all profits made from the National Lottery go to charitable causes

Perhaps the greatest change yet

The National Lottery has seen several different changes over the years, starting mostly in 2011 when the commission announced that the rollover limit would be increasing from three draws to four which signified that bigger prizes would be given. In 2013, bigger jackpots were also offered and the Lotto Raffle was introduced which distributed 50 prizes of £20,000 in each draw. The Lucky Dip started in 2015 and just two years ago, in 2018, the new rule which we see today of a maximum of five rollovers came into effect.

Although there have been other improvements and changes to the National Lottery leading up to this year’s, 2020’s adjustments will give people perhaps an even greater motivation to play more frequently, as it’s not just the famous numbers who will gain a reward. And for people who have never played before in their lives, there is no better incentive than a small cash prize and free shot to play again, making it more appealing than it’s ever been.