Staff and residents at Barchester’s Hugh Myddelton house in Southgate had a fantastic time celebrating National Fish & Chip Day on Friday 7th June, surely one of the best days of the year!
Residents went on an outing to their local pub and enjoy the warm sunny day with some fish and chips we all had a great laugh as well as a good chippy which we all cherished.

General Manager, Jade Shea said: “It wasn’t just the residents that were excited when we found out there was a National Fish & Chip Day, the eyes of all our staff lit up too – fish & chips are such an iconic dish, everyone loves them and it’s even better when there is a good excuse to eat them!”

Jean a resident at Hugh Myddelton House commented: “We’ve all had such a lovely day. It just doesn’t get any better than fish and chips and a cold glass of beer, it’s always been my favourite – you can’t beat fish & chips as far as I’m concerned!”

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