Orchestra of Sound Weaves Hundreds of Sounds into Music at the Edinburgh Fringe


Orchestra of Sound is a groundbreaking music spectacle! This international premiere from Canada is an electrifying one-man show seamlessly weaving unique inventive instruments, hundreds of sounds, and explosive original music into an unforgettable sound and sight extravaganza. Acknowledged among the ‘Top 10 Shows to Catch at the Vancouver Fringe,’ the energetic live performance from Paul Snider, coupled with multi-media video displaying the many intricate sounds being heard in the orchestrations, is sure to amaze. This musical experience takes audiences on a sonic and visual journey, blurring the line between sound and music.

Hear orchestrations created with sounds recorded by playing drums on the turbine of a 727 jet, a train boxcar, a satellite dish, automobiles, or the structures of bridges. Listen to the tones of a violin made from a canoe, or a cello made from a tin garbage can. A myriad of sounds is used to create original high-energy musical masterpieces, and on a large screen audiences watch video footage of the sounds being heard. All the while Paul plays live to the energetic music on handcrafted invented instruments made from junk and recycled items, including a completely wireless piano made from old keyboard parts, a flute made from PVC tubing, and a trumpet made from a garden hose to name a few. There is a strong environmental theme to the show (and to follow this theme, carbon credits are purchased to offset the carbon used to tour the show from Canada).

The idea of creating music without using traditional musical instruments came from a volunteer trip by Paul to western Kenya in 2011. He says: “I was teaching at a school in a rural community and the students were making this beautiful sound drumming with their hands on their old wooden desks, the deep rhythmic beat reverberating off the mud walls. The next day I got them singing some Queen songs as a choir, while other kids kept beat tapping old tin cans, sticks, and a rubber tire. It was amazing.” That was the inspiration to create an orchestra using instruments built completely from junk and recycled materials. “I invented 25 unique instruments, and for Orchestra of Sound I recorded hundreds of sounds to use along with some of these instruments in my musical compositions. These sounds were recorded on a cross Canada trip in an electric car, and in other countries I had visited.” The result is innovative, original music in a vibrant, engaging theatre spectacle. This unique, high-energy show is educational as much as it is entertaining and is a musical experience the whole family can enjoy. You won’t believe your ears!

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