Chris Robshaw experienced his own tackle in a VR experience with Mastercard

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This week, Mastercard unveiled a first of its kind virtual reality (VR) tackle, allowing members of the public to experience the sensation of a professional tackle, using a haptic feedback bodysuit in a full virtual reality rugby experience.

The launch is part of Mastercard’s worldwide partnership with Rugby World Cup 2019TM.

Mastercard ambassador and England and Harlequins player Chris Robshaw were the first to be hit with the tech. He commented“It’s a strange experience, being tackled by myself, never thought I’d be doing that! The Contactless Tackle is a great way to bring fans together and introduce people to rugby if they haven’t played before. The technology is amazing, and I hope it will encourage more fans to get involved with the sport.”

The unique experience saw fans choose which Mastercard rugby ambassador they wanted to be virtually tackled by; Chris Robshaw, Maggie Alphonsi or Jason Robinson.

To experience the Contactless Tackle, fans wore a haptic Teslasuit, that uses muscle stimulation to recreate the feeling of the England legends’ rugby tackles as well as VR goggles for a full 360-experience.

Participants could also choose which team they represented – England, Scotland, Ireland or Wales – before experiencing the sensation of being tackled by one of England’s rugby stars.