Christmas shopping? Keep your ‘elf protected with this unique face covering

With Christmas shopping back on the cards, don’t let your face covering get in the way of the most wonderful time of the year.

Introducing the facelet, the only accessory you need this festive season. Available in a range of stylish designs, the facelet can be securely worn around the wrist when not in use – meaning it’s always within reach, perfect for grabbing those last-minute presents.

As well as being able to rest easy knowing that your face covering is always within reach, you’ll be helping to protect the environment by choosing reusable. According to Environment Journal, it is estimated that the average disposable face mask will take 450 years to decompose, taking us to the year 2470.[1] ‘the facelet’ can be washed up to 30 times and re-worn to reduce plastic waste.

the facelet’s face covering consists of three layers. An anti-bacterial fabric filter sewn in. The filter is a non-woven polypropylene fabric that is commonly used in a wide variety of applications due to being lightweight having excellent breathability and barrier filtration capacity which helps to block bacteria from entering or exiting the mouth.

Founders of the facelet Steve and Jolene Pole, husband and wife explain;

“If you’re out and about Christmas shopping this December then the facelet is the perfect accessory that you can wear either on your face or your wrist.

It’s not just stylish, there’s also the environmental benefit – we won’t be alone in saying there’s been masks left on the floor in many public places. Having a face covering is about protecting ourselves, others and the environment this festive period.”

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