On September 12th 2020, one of the most famous rap artists in the world Snoop Dogg streamed live from his Compound in LA to millions of homes across the globe. It was the 16th anniversary of the rappers global hit ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot,’ so only fitting that Snoop takes on the persona of his DJ self ‘Snoopadelic’ and play the track during his performance. The fans went wild for it as he spun out tracks from Lauren Hill, Al Green, Rihanna and more. Snoop styled his way through the very intimate set direct to the couches of his fans from around the world. With his usual chilled vibe, the icon was in his element as he rapped through some of his collar classics in a performance that many won’t forget.

Snoop has spoken publicly on the importance of staying safe during this pandemic and making sure you don’t go out unless you have to. The gig was a prime example of showing his support to those suffering the effects of COVID, and who are still unable to leave their homes. He said: “This is for everyone who can’t go outside right now”. Fans commented during the live stream at just how intimate the gig was. “It was like it was Snoop and us,” said one viewer during the event.

If this is our new normal, you will see more and more artists find new ways to entertain their fans whilst staying safe.

New streaming platform Couch Concerts, Founded by TARI Global and their technology partner, the creators of Facebook live, to raise funds for the International Medical Corps, which is helping to fight the global pandemic and provide life-saving care around the world.

Nathan Tari, CEO of TARI Global, and Founder of the event, comments: “The pandemic has hit the entertainment industry hard. While we were staying safely at home, we put our heads together and decided to use our talent and experience to do something in support of those suffering from the outbreak of this terrible virus. We are looking to bring some fun, excitement as well as a special experience with some of the world’s most celebrated stars. This concert will be the first of many, and we are excited to have Snoop Dogg to help us launch.”


Just visit and buy a ticket to access the show.

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