David Breuer-Weil Launches New Book; Golden Drawings

ontemporary artist, David Breuer-Weil unveils Golden Drawings, his latest book, which records a series of 66 drawings created during the first UK lockdown (March – July 2020.) This can be viewed at the online exhibition till June 2021.

David contracted Covid himself on March 20, 2020 at which time he began creating the series of golden drawings to fight the disease and as a visual diary. These new works include iconic images of his time in London during the lockdown; including powerful images of the pandemic such as the world in lockdown and the Thursday night clapping in support of the NHS. The clapping image is the cover of the book.

The publisher if his book, Gli Ori, describes the book as a “Unique monument to these strange and difficult times.” David has kept a written diary of his experience through the first pandemic lockdown which is published alongside the works featured in the book, Golden Drawings. He said of his works “Drawing literally became a lifesaver for me. It gave my days hope and structure and they’re filled with the things that became most important overnight; breath, water, family, hope, dreams and faith in the future.”

Executed in tandem with the book, David has also produced some monumental oils: Lockdown 2019 (400 x 970 cm), Pandemic 2019 (400 cm x 970 cm), Bubbles, 2019 (200 x 370 cm) and (cut and) Applause, (the clapping in support of the NHS), and Masked (a population wearing masks).

Despite in situ exhibitions being on hold, David has also recently unveiled an exclusive outdoor sculpture, EMERGENCE at the centre of Docklands, London where it will remain permanently as a symbol of regeneration and hope. “At times like this art can fulfil a vital role. You can create something valuable out of tragedy, so that it is never forgotten, and hope for the future. With EMERGENCE I see us as emerging from this crisis but with something of value to show for all the lost hours.”

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