Dr.PAWPAW to relaunch frontline worker initiative tomorrow!

Dr.PAWPAW, the brand that gives back will once again be re-launching their frontline initiative as we find
ourselves in lockdown #3. From Thursday 14th January, frontline workers can claim two free products
from the Dr.PAWPAW website. They have six options to choose from including multi-purpose balms or
hand creams. All orders made will need to cover the standard rate postage and packaging charges.

Throughout 2020 and during both national lockdowns Dr.PAWPAW offered two free balms, and then two
free hand creams for frontline workers to claim on their website. With this and a multitude of regional and
global independent sampling in 2020 over 100,000 products were donated.

As we find ourselves in a similar situation, this time in the searing cold, now more than ever out frontline
workers need our support. With uncertainty for every business Dr.PAWPAW has made the decision to not
only show support with the addition of the blue heart on our social channels but also be re-launching the
campaign again with the hope to reach as many people as possible. We’ve all seen the pictures, hands in
pieces, faces bruised from PPE, our soothing balms and hand creams really can make a difference and
when used overnight can provide an intense treatment that just might ease the pain and suffering of
some of these incredible individuals. We’ve helped so many already but always want to do more. Please
help us in spreading the word so we can reach as many frontline workers as possible and soothe the lips,
hands and skin of the nation!

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