Driving home for Christmas? Kent Tops the List of The UK’s Most Dangerous Region For Drivers in December

On average, an estimated 11,500 accidents will occur on UK roads during the month of December, making it one of the most dangerous times for drivers on the road, the majority of which will occur on Thursday and Friday evenings between 4pm and 8pm as Brits make their way home for Christmas.

Driving home for Christmas? New research by Motorcycling Outfitters, Motolegends, has revealed that Kent is the most dangerous region for drivers in December with the highest number of accidents in the UK, a reported 4,157 accidents since 2009! This is followed by Surrey (3,523 accidents) and Hampshire (2,870) – Could you be living in one of the UK’s Christmas accident hotspots?


Despite having some of the safest roads in Europe, around 70 people are seriously injured on British roads every day. Although road safety has improved dramatically, and accidents have fallen 92% in the past six years, we must identify where these accident hotspots are in the UK to stay alert to any potential incidents we could end up involved in. In December over 133,821 accidents have been recorded on UK roads – making it one of the most dangerous seasons for drivers!

Looking at accident data over the past six years, Motolegends have combined variables such as frequency, weather conditions, age groups and timings to create a database of accident hotspots across the UK this December – so drivers can keep alert on the roads this Winter. Plus, Motolegends have complied some helpful tips to help drivers stay safe whilst out on the roads.

Kent is the county with the highest number of accidents in the UK

Data has shown that Kent has the highest number of accidents by local authority, with over 49,216 reported accidents since 2009 involving 92,310 vehicles. It’s reported that the highest age bracket involved in these accidents is 21 – 30, with 7,163 accidents occurring in this age group. In December alone they have recorded 4,157 accidents making them the most dangerous region for driving this Christmas!

Top 10 Highest No. of Accidents During December by County

No. of Accidents (2009 – 2020)
Kent 4,157
Surrey 3,523
Hampshire 2,870
Lancashire 2,839
Essex 2,823
Birmingham 2,615
Hertfordshire 2,392
Lincolnshire 2,147
West Sussex 1,888
Norfolk 1,827
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