FIFA World Cup 2022: Will It Match Expectations?

It’s difficult not to get swept up in the buzz around a FIFA World Cup, even if you’re not a football fan. The weight of the occasion is incomparable to any other global sporting competition, with the golden Jules Rimet trophy being perhaps the most iconic of them all. France ran out as deserved winners four years ago in 2018, a tournament where a young and exciting England side almost got to the final. 

After coming agonisingly close to success at the Euros last year, Southgate’s army is looking to go all the way. But will the 2022 Qatar World Cup live up to expectations? Staying out of jail will be a genuine concern to supporters, not to mention that it is the first time a World Cup has been held during winter. Several other factors could derail the tournament, although there are also numerous reasons to be excited. Keep for an exploration into the 2022 World Cup and our expectations.

The First Winter World Cup 

Scorching summer temperatures across the Middle East mean the World Cup will be played in the winter for the first time to protect players and fans. Conditions will still be reasonably warm, so this probably won’t affect the atmosphere in Qatar itself. However, for millions of fans watching worldwide, it will be strange not to be able to watch games outside in pub gardens or on big communal screens. 

The World Cup goes hand in hand with British Summer Time, so it’s going to be odd watching the tournament when we would typically be rushing about in the build-up to Christmas. You never know; it could make things more exciting, but chances are plenty of people won’t be particularly happy about the scheduling change, especially as it was something that could have been avoided.

A Beacon For Football in Asia? 

Football has historically lagged behind other sports in Asia, something the Qatari World Cup is hoping to change. The nation is about as far from a traditional football-playing country as you can get, but the tournament is sure to whip up more of an appetite for the beautiful game. Hopefully, Qatar 2022 will be a turning point in football’s global popularity. 

One downside is the Qatar team’s automatic entry as a top seed. It may result in a less competitive group stage for the team in its group, although we could also see the birth of a new top global football team.  

How to Enjoy the FIFA 2022 World Cup to its Fullest 

Enjoying a World Cup to its fullest is standard procedure for many Brits, and there are varying ways to do so. This year will be slightly different due to the winter tournament, but we’re sure the pub will still be a central factor. 

Planning a game schedule is essential as soon as the fixture list comes out. Otherwise, you may end up missing some of the best matches. Many football fanatics also love placing bets throughout the World Cup. With so much football on offer, it’s the perfect time to do so. Bookies tend to be generous during major sporting competitions; you will find plenty of deposit matches or risk-free bet promotions. UK betting sites also offer their customers things like odds boosts or exclusive acca promotions, so it’s worth checking out the best ones before the 2022 World Cup. If gambling isn’t your thing, World Cup fantasy football leagues are a great way to have a laugh with your mates without worrying about any financial setbacks. You can try hosting World cup parties or head down to your local pub to enjoy the exciting atmosphere. 

Problematic Factors Regarding a World Cup in Qatar 

Unfortunately, there are several problematic factors surrounding the World Cup in Qatar. First and foremost, the decision to award the country a World Cup is almost certainly down to high-level corruption. Additionally, countless construction workers have died building the new stadiums needed for the competition. 

And then there are the horrific attitudes toward homosexuality, something you could be jailed for at the very least. 

Players to Watch

The 2022 World Cup will welcome countless stars in the making, with a new generation of footballers looking to announce themselves on their biggest stage. Some of these include: 


  • Julian Alvarez 
  • Jude Bellingham 
  • Matias Arezo 
  • Karim Adeyemi 

Keep an eye out because they’re ready to take things to the next level. 

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