Formula 1 racing ace Fernando Alonso introduces the world’s most expensive car key

Formula 1 racing ace Fernando Alonso has a brand new gadget, a limited edition Senturion – the world’s most expensive car key.

The wrist worn key retails at prices up to £200,000 and synchs with any supercar. It’s made from materials such as gold and platinum. Some models come studded with diamonds and others have a core fashioned from a four-billion-year-old meteorite.

Now the two-time world champ has taken to Instagram to ask his 2.5 million followers to suggest which car he should synch it with.

He asked his fans for their help to find the perfect supercar to pair with his key using the hashtag #mysupercaronmywrist. The post has already had 75,000 likes and hundreds of comments and suggestions.

Available only to supercar owners, Senturion Key wrist-wear is the ultimate ultra-luxury statement piece.

Each Senturion Key is capable of synchronising to the most elite high-performance cars, such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Bugatti, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Porsche, Mercedes AMG and acting as their key through embedded patented technology.

Alonso has been unveiled as the latest brand ambassador for the London based luxury wearable tech brand.

Amber Hicks, a spokesperson for Senturion Key, commented on the announcement saying, “We are extremely pleased to have Fernando Alonso, a true champion and a racing legend, become a brand ambassador of Senturion Key.

“Fernando is an outstanding individual who is the embodiment of the passion for racing that is prevalent in all of Senturion’s supercar collector clients, with whom he also shares the values of the pursuit of excellence and never settling for second best.”

She said Senturion was thrilled to welcome Fernando Alonso to the brand for a partnership that is a true celebration of winners. The S177 Collection, as worn by Fernando Alonso, is available now, starting at £15,850 for Senturion Keys with brushed titanium cores.

The collection also includes wrist-wear pieces featuring 18K rose gold cores from £34,050 all the way to the most exclusive Senturion statement pieces made out of 4.9-billion-year-old meteorite that comes in a limited edition of only seven, available for £211,500 each.

Amber Hicks added, “Both Senturion Key and Fernando Alonso are responsible for breaking many records and creating many firsts in our respective fields. Fernando’s are very well-known to his legions of fans, while for Senturion Key world-leading excellence comes both in the form of jewellery craftsmanship and technology.

“An example of the former is being the first to be able to manufacture solid cores from ancient meteorite via an innovative underwater spark erosion process while as for the latter, each of our limited edition S177 wrist-wear pieces is fitted with a bespoke obsidian Senturion circuit-board with over 1,000 components that is world-leading in compact micro-circuitry.”

Founded in 2012 in Britain and featuring a production line based entirely in the UK, Senturion sells luxury wrist-wear pieces to the worldwide supercar owners community.

Speaking about his new role with Senturion Fernando Alonso said, “I am excited to be appointed as a brand ambassador for Senturion Key as I feel we share the passion for striving to be the best in the world in our respective fields.

“I’m very pleased to join the most exclusive club within the supercar collector community who are able to wear their supercar on their wrist.”

Famous owners of bespoke Senturion Keys include Usain Bolt, Prince Albert II of Monaco, Chelsea F.C. players along with Roman Abramovich, Romain Grosjean and the Sultan of Brunei, among others.