Get Living to hold virtual ‘Speak with Pride’ event on 30 June

On Tuesday 30 June, neighbourhood operator Get Living will host ‘Speak with Pride’, an interactive virtual event with well-known LGBTQ+ panellists.

With representation from across the community, the speakers will delve into a range of topics including intersectionality, trans rights and the importance of action.

Anna Fearon, co-founder of the Black Exchange, will start off the evening off at 5pm talking about intersectionality, followed by an explanation of what LGBTQIA actually means in practice by award-winning presenter and activist Anick.

At 7pm, author and activist Charlie Craggs will have an open conversation about trans rights, while writer and journalist Sharan Dhaliwhal will take over at 8pm to discuss the need for real-world action to effect change.

At the end of the evening, viewers can take part in a live recording and Q&A with the hosts of Qmmunity, the British Podcast Award-winning series discussing LGBTQ+ culture, history and identity.

In celebration and recognition of Pride month, Get Living, the UK’s pioneer build-to-rent operator, is encouraging residents in its Manchester and London neighbourhoods to tune in, as well as the wider public.

No registration is required to attend the event, which will be streamed live on the Get Living Facebook page.

The full schedule is as follows:

5pm – Intersectionality: Blackness and queerness with Anna Fearon

Anna Fearon is a photographer, filmmaker and co-founder of Black Exchange – a group focused on discussing black matters, from past to present. She will speak about identity and the intersectionality of being black and queer.

6pm – Expanding the +

Hosted by Anick, the talk will go beyond the LGBTQ, looking at what the ‘+’ means and signifies. Viewers will find out what being intersex means and why every different lived experience is an equally valid part of the queer existence.

7pm – Salon Sessions with Charlie Craggs

Charlie Craggs is both an author and trans activist. She encourages those tuning in to grab their nail varnish and join her for a natter in the salon.

8pm – Talk is cheap with Sharan Dhaliwhal

Sharan Dhaliwhal is a multi-disciplined queer writer and journalist. In her talk, she’ll discuss the necessity for action, over talk, and how now – from allies to is the time to log off of Zoom and do something.


9pm – Qmmunity Podcast live with Alexis Caught and Char Bailey

Alexis Caught and Char Bailey are the hosts of Qmmunity, the award-winning British Podcast Award. They duo will record a live episode, followed by an interactive Q&A.


Event co-ordinator Eoin Thomas said: “Many of our LGBTQ+ residents and allies were excited to attend Pride events this year, but unfortunately due to the ongoing situation, that’s no longer safe or possible.

“We wanted to create a fully inclusive event that is as representative as possible of the modern queer experience, giving us an opportunity to celebrate LGBTQ+ lives, as well as learning in a fun, engaging way with our amazing panellists.”