Harry Styles Freezing Ice Bath Trend, What Are The Benefits?

Soaking in an ice bath is a trend that continues to climb in popularity, with Google data indicating more than 41.9k global searches, and even more popular among celebrities. With Usher and Harry Styles carrying out pre-show ice baths, to Bella Hadid plunging her face into ice cubes, this trend is a quick way to reduce inflammation, speed up metabolism, and has many beauty benefits.

Medical aesthetics at Vera Clinic have spilled all there is to know about this freezing ritual and its many benefits. Further information can be found below but do let me know if you have any questions:

What is an ice bath?

Turns out the pop star Harry Styles relies on regular ice baths to keep himself feeling fresh while on tour. Styles shared an intimate image via Instagram, immersed in an ice bath with his fists clenched and a tense expression on his face. Singer Usher is also a fan of freezing soaks that he keeps an ice bath backstage to rejuvenate his body in between shows.

How do you take an ice bath at home?

For beginners, start off by trying a cold shower or ending your normal shower with a blast of cold water before taking the plunge. This will give you a feel of whether the cold water immersion and ice baths may or may not be for you and will ease your body into the process.

Before an ice bath, you will need a bathtub or an immersion tub, water, ice and a thermometer. Firstly, fill the tub with cold water and have your containers or bags of ice ready to go nearby.

Once you’re in the bath slowly add the ice, making sure you can tolerate it. Start by soaking for about five minutes but do not go any longer than 10 minutes ensuring the water does not get any colder than 53 degrees Fahrenheit (11.6 degrees Celsius). Using a thermometer and adding the ice after you get in is so important as if the water is too cold, this can increase the risk of causing damage to the skin or tissues.


Eases sore muscles
Improves focus and concentration
Improves sleep
Decreases inflammation
Reduces stress and anxiety
What is a face plunge?

In a recent Instagram post, model Bella Hadid also shares a technique of taking a deep breath and plunging her face into a bowl of freezing ice water for 30 seconds.


Eliminate puffiness, especially around the eyes
Reduce oiliness
Eases acne
Soothe sunburn
Reduce swelling and inflammation, including rashes and insect bites
Reduce signs of ageing, such as wrinkles
Boosts the skin’s healthy glow

Savaş ALTAN Medical Aesthetic at Vera Clinic comments:

‘It’s great to see many celebrities such as Harry Styles showcasing this remedy that has many amazing benefits. An ice bath can detoxify the body, as the cold water can help you get rid of toxins, dirt and excess fat from the body. It also kills viruses that can cause infections. If you’re not wanting to submerge your full body, you can try immersing your face like Bella Hadid. I would recommend incorporating the trend weekly, many athletes opt to take a cold or ice bath on a daily basis, however, the more often the person is exposed to the cold bath the less the beneficial impact of each bath.

Another variation of this trend is massaging ice cubes onto your skin which can be highly beneficial, as the action can tighten and contract the skin, leaving it sculpted and plump. It can reduce eye puffiness, and the appearance of pores and soothe inflammation. The process increases blood circulation around the face. In general, this tendency does not damage the skin, although the extreme change in temperature can cause redness and discomfort.’

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