Here’s How You Get Free Guac This National Guacamole Day on Deliveroo

Any guac lover will have heard the line “guacamole costs extra” at some point or another – it’s something all avocado aficionados have had to come to accept as the necessary trade-off if they want the deliciously fresh and nutritious dip added to their Mexican meal. That’s why this National Guacamole Day (16 September), Deliveroo have teamed up with Chipotle to deliver free guac with orders from six restaurants in the UK for one day only, so that customers can make their burrito ‘extra’ for less.

Chipotle’s ‘guacamole is extra’ policy has become so famous it’s sparked a number of reddit debates, news articles and even has its own inspired T-Shirt range. Fans of the healthy Mexican chain who typically pay an extra £2 to have the freshly hand-mashed guac added to their orders will no doubt be rejoicing as the restaurant launches its once in a lifetime offer this Wednesday.

Customers who want to get their hands on some free guac can do so by placing an order with Chipotle on the Deliveroo app. Customers can search to see if Chipotle delivers to their address by entering their postcode here. After selecting their chosen meal, customers can select ‘Add free Guac to your order’ at the top of the menu to receive a free portion of fresh guac with their order.*

Executive Chef for Chipotle, Chad Brauze said, “Guacamole Day is the perfect match for Chipotle’s hand-mashed guac, made fresh daily with six simple ingredients (avocados, lime juice, coriander, red onion, jalapeno, and salt). We’re excited to partner with Deliveroo for this special day when guac isn’t extra to treat fans to a free side of guac with every order.”