Here’s some proper Brit Groupon alternatives

The daily deals market is evolving constantly, there are now more options than ever for marketing your special offers online.

If you own a UK business, here are 15 great UK alternatives to Groupon you can use to promote your deals.

The first 3 Groupon alternatives are the obvious ones that most people have heard of;

1. Living social (now owned by Groupon)
2. Wowcher
3. Voucher cloud

These 3 need no introduction, they are well known, well established deal sites that all require you to contact them in order to get your offer on their site.

But there are some fresh, up and coming, new kids on the block that provide a great, sometimes free way to promote your deals.


If you offer is an online one, you can create a discount code for your website shopping cart and submit it to

How? Hit the “submit a voucher code” link on their website.

5. Freevow

Freevow is a completely free platform for UK businesses to promote their deals. They don’t charge any commissions or fees.

The public download a voucher for free, show it to the business that posted the offer and pay the business directly. Freevow take no payment from either party.

By not charging any fees, Freevow claim that they can get better deals than high commission sites.

How? Register on their site and submit the details of your offer.

6. 007 Deals

007 deals is definitely an up and comer, they don’t have too many offers at the moment but they appear to be working very hard on it.

How? Contact them to see if you can get your business on their excellent, well laid out website.

7. Latest Free Stuff

Offering something for free is a great way to promote your business and can lead to repeat customers.

If customer acquisition is the name of your game, you would be very wise to utilize the amazing reach and power of Latest Free Stuff.

How? Visit their website and hit the “submit freebie” button

8. Extreme Couponing

Ultra popular site that is packed with coupons, they have a forum which has a section for adding new coupons & offers.

Extreme couponing are extremely popular, they have good amounts of traffic so it’s definitely worth looking at.

These community based coupon / deal type sites are becoming increasing popular and often have more offers than the old school voucher deal sites.

How? Register on their forum and add the details of your offer.

9. Hot UK Deals

Another community based coupon site with a big following.

Getting your offer on Hot UK Deals is definitely worth your time, the amount of traffic they have means good exposure for your offer.

How? Submitting your offer to hot uk deals is easy, as it is community based you can simply register as a member and add the details of your offer.

10. Ashleigh money saver

Ashleigh money saver has quite a big user base, it isn’t a traditional daily deals site, but it serves the same purpose as far as merchants and the public are concerned.

How? Contact them through their website and ask them to add your offer.

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