Meet the Brit Students sending 300 essential items to homeless across the UK

People of the Streets CIC (POTS). The student organisation is already well on their way to success having won the 123 Reg Crowdfunder competition for social enterprises. The not-for-profit developed a unique model to bridge the divide between the public and the marginalised homeless population and raised in excess of £5000 on their initial Crowdfunding campaign.

In a direct response to Nottingham City Council’s ghastly campaign against begging, one that was ultimately banned by the Advertising Standards Agency, the students set-up People of the Streets CIC to offer another way the public can help this marginalised group of society. A way in which the public can give funds with complete assurance as to what the money is spent on.

An alternative way of giving

“We were outraged by the advertisement. It was callous, and it cast such negative stereotypes over people who already have it hard enough. Worst of all; it offered no alternative way of giving. It came across like an attack.” Alex Greenhalgh, Operations Director.

Just Getting Started

“We’re very proud of course, but this is just the first month. Homelessness is a growing issue in the UK and as such, our aim is to grow the help we can give” Qas Hussain, Finance Director.

What’s on the horizon?

People of the Streets CIC will be launching Stories of the Streets (SOTS), in Nottingham City Centre, later this year. “It’s an exhibition that aims to change the way we view homelessness, highlight organisations that tackle the issues surrounding it and inform the public of how they can help too” Charles Kerr, Managing Director.

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