launches ‘scream pillows’ to help parents release lockdown angst this half term

For many, half term should have signalled the first holiday of 2021. But this year, after months of home-schooling horrors, rather than a break for the kids, it’s likely the parents are the ones in need of a time out…

In fact, parents are in desperate need of a good night’s kip this half term as research from® reveals over half (56%) of parents have lost some all-important sleep since schools closed. The average parent (32%) is losing an extra 1-2 hours sleep a day which equates to 3 whole days of lost sleep since schools closed earlier this year!

Whilst we can’t jet away to relax on a beach just yet, is helping parents release some angst at half term by partnering with father of two and JLS member Aston Merrygold to release a series of limited-edition hotel pillows for parents to scream into. Designed with salty quotes to help parents get through yet another week of entertaining the kids at home, the pillows will help Brits scream and shout, and let it all out3.

The announcement comes after a fifth (20%) of parents admitted they wanted to scream into a pillow when school closures were announced over a month ago.

Stressed parents want to swap their home-schooling horrors for that sweet #HotelLife this half term, as research reveals that 41% are sad not to be able to take their kids away this year and nearly half (49%) of parents usually spend half term by taking their kids away on holiday…where is my beach at?

Proving that half-term holiday cravings are no joke, parents would even give up alcohol (33%) and sex (23%) to be able to enjoy a holiday…it’s safe to say a cocktail without the kids is very much deserved! is here to provide this much needed relief for parents, and their flexible booking options on most hotels means planning a future trip away is easy and stress-free.*

The range of limited-edition scream pillows will be available to win via a competition on’s Twitter page, alongside a £100 gift card to help parents put their feet up and enjoy a well-deserved break once travel restrictions are lifted. We’re talking less ABC, more time by the sea.

As well as launching the limited-edition pillows, is also giving parents the chance to design their very own version, dripping with words of despair from their own parenting woes.

All parents need to do is post the phrase they’d like to include on their own scream pillow on’s Twitter page @hotelsdotcomuk from midday on Tuesday 16th – midday on Friday 19th February 2021.

This comes as frustrated parents across the nation reveal the tactics, they’re using to get a break from their kids, with 46% letting their children watch TV more than usual and 32% sitting them in front of a video game to get some peace. Parents are also embracing the ‘treat yo self’ mentality with 27% rewarding themselves to more chocolate and 25% throwing the healthy eating…in the bin.

Over half (57%) of parents admit to feeling more frustrated than normal and nearly a fifth (18%) are having less sex due to home schooling… let’s get them a scream pillow, quickly!

Aston Merrygold, father of two (Grayson, 3 and Macaulay, 8 months) and JLS member commented:

“I absolutely love my boys, but we all know pandemic parenting is difficult and it can be tough not to literally, throw your toys out of the pram. Half term is obviously going to be really different this year, and I’m sure most parents have felt like they wanted to scream into a pillow at some point over the past few weeks. So, let’s all let out a collective scream into a pillow and get back to learning our times tables…all over again.”

Visiting relatives (37%), going out for dinner (30%) and trips to the museum (28%) were top of the list for previous half term activities, however in 2021 parents plans for the half term include hiding from the kids (13%), letting them watch more TV (41%) and getting increasingly frustrated and screaming in a pillow (21%).

Senior Global Brand Communications Manager Emma Tagg from Brand said:

“Half term should have signified the first holiday of the year, but for many parents, they’re the ones in need of a break. We wanted to show parents that we’re here with you to bring some light relief – and gift you a stress-free holiday at the end of it with flexible booking options on most hotels. Think of the beaches, the mini bar and the room service. It’s up to you whether you take the kids…”

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