How to Ensure Your Business is Environmentally Friendly

As a business owner, you need to take sustainability seriously. Industries across the globe are taking action to ensure their companies are environmentally-friendly. It can be hard to know where to begin. Below is a guide on different areas where you can start making a difference.

Ask the Experts

It is difficult to know what are the right strategies or investments your company needs to make. What realistic changes could be implemented? You may require a third-party to help answer these questions. There are companies which can offer guidance on environment, social and governance factors. These are complex matters which you and your team might not have the knowledge to handle. By seeking expert help, you can help your business make long-term environmentally-friendly changes and make ethical investments.

Go Green

Of course, not all sustainable action requires a complex strategy. There are simple steps your business can take to ensure a more environmentally friendly work life. You can start small and then work from there. For instance, introducing a recycling scheme. Reduce how much the company uses paper and focus more on online document sharing. Encourage the use of water bottles rather than single plastics. Invest in energy-efficient equipment, and if you’re getting rid of old technology make sure to recycle it.

Encourage Employees

You are not solely responsible for making your business environmentally-friendly. The whole team needs to be on board. To encourage them to get involved, introduce incentives. For instance, offer rewards to those who walk or cycle to work. A good parking spot for carpooling. Set up challenges and make them fun. Being eco-friendly should be rewarding, not a chore. Have discussions with your team to see what changes they want to be implemented and how you can work together to achieve them.

Think Local

It’s not the interior framework of your business you need to focus on, but outside sources too. For instance: are the companies you’re trading with ethical? Research sustainable suppliers. Consider reducing your company’s carbon footprint and work more with other local businesses. Not only does this benefit the environment but it also helps make your local economy more sustainable. Each business is different so have a firm understanding of what actions will be right for you to take.

What works for one business may not work for the other. Take the time to research and plan what methods are best for yours. How could you make your business more environmentally friendly?




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