Humanscale has upgraded its range of monitor arms and is introducing two brand new models this October

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Humanscale has upgraded its range of monitor arms and is introducing two brand new models this October.

Humanscale has upgraded the functionality of a number of key models within its range of monitor arms and is also introducing two new products, available from this October. The company has long had a tradition in designing and manufacturing monitor arms to satisfy the rigours of the workplace.

Monitor arms are extremely stable and flexible, capable of supporting a range of weights, from 2.2 kg (5lbs) to 45kg (100lbs). Monitors can be precision-loaded for the most ergonomic desktop set up possible, preventing overhang and protecting surrounding equipment. They are also fully compatible with the first generation M/Connect 2 and M/Power.

An essential part of the modern office set up, monitor arms create a clutter-free environment through clever, rubberised cable management. Instead of bending or tangling which can cut the lifetime of hardware short, cables are stored neatly away in the monitor arms. This creates a cleaner, more presentable workstation, freeing up space for completing tasks efficiently, increasing an individual’s productivity . They are also simple to install, cutting down on computer set-up costs and have with increased Port accessibility at the base, available with USB 3.08 or USB 3.1 and Type C connection power delivery.

Products that have been upgraded include the M2.1. The new version includes a smart stop, quick release function for the ultimate ease of use. The way in which the tilt link joint attaches to the monitor allows for smooth adjustment with a counterbalance indicator of between 5 and 15lbs, which includes the majority of monitors currently available.

New monitor arms are available for the MFlex model, with the B12 bracket which combines two brackets into one so customers can install one monitor arm and add another one as and when required. A new locking mechanism, meanwhile, enables the bracket to be fixed in place with one movement, without continuous rotation. The M8.1 has also undergone product development with changes including a smart stop, quick release function. It too can be adjusted simple with a counterbalance indicator. It is capable of supporting weights of between 6-28lbs.

The MPower also comes with improved functionality, it now has 3 USBs replacing power sockets which means users can safely charge their personal devices without being on the corporate network. The new model also has an easily accessible audio jack to save user having to reach behind or under the PC.

New models in the Humanscale range include the M10. This powerful solution accommodates an impressive three monitors at a time, even television-style monitors with no droop. This robust model reflects the trend for heavier monitors while still providing an ergonomic place to work. The M2.1 Dual is new too, and is designed for users looking to increase movement but who do not want a crossbar. It is suitable for trading floors and other environments where more than one screen per user is a must.

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