Hypnotherapy can help a person quit smoking with little to no effort

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Around this time every year, smokers tell themselves that they’ll finally put down cigarettes. Some make it, but most don’t. The reality is that quitting smoking is different for every single person and there is no one quick trick to quell cravings. Quitting smoking itself is a stressful process and even though the pay off is immense, the journey can be tough.

The health benefits are well known, from improved lung capacity to a better sense of smell and taste, but what are the keys to success? Somewhere between 30-40% of smokers make at least one attempt to quit per year but last year, only 20% were successful in kicking the habit.

The emergence of E-Cigarettes has added another option to helping a person quit, but, like every other method, it does not have a 100% success rate. It’s estimated that 2.8 million Brits currently use E-Cigarettes and that number is only growing having risen from 700,000 in 2012. But this isn’t as healthy as stopping outright, and as every person is different, they’ll need their own combination of methods to stop smoking.

One method that is often overlooked by smokers is hypnosis. By tapping into your subconscious, a hypnotherapist can access the inner workings of your mind to reprogram your brain. Cravings for cigarettes can be managed or overridden, meaning a smoker wouldn’t need to go through the mental struggle of giving up, as their brain would be doing the work for them.

Once you quit smoking, within two to twelve weeks your blood circulation will improve, your skin will look younger and, after just 12 hours, your carbon monoxide levels will return to normal.

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