Inside UK’s First Automated Cocktail Making Jukebox

Glenmorangie has created the UK’s first automated and fully immersive cocktail making jukebox, in honour of its latest wondrous creation, X by Glenmorangie.

The first of its kind, Glenmorangie’s Made to Mix Jukebox puts the new single malt, which is specially made for mixing, on centre stage. Tantalising the senses with fruity scents and colourful visuals, the innovative jukebox pours four delicious X by Glenmorangie based cocktails to pre-mixed tunes.

Unveiled exclusively at London Cocktail Month (1st – 31st October), Londoners will be able to experience the cocktail making magic at The Botanist in Broadgate Circle and The Essence House by London Essence Co. in Covent Garden, before the jukebox goes on a nationwide tour.

Seeking to bring people into the delicious and wonderful world of Glenmorangie, the Made to Mix Jukebox, much like X itself, wants to encourage people to play and experiment with whisky.

How it works

“Hand” the Made to Mix Jukebox an ice-filled glass and place it onto a motion turntable
Select your cocktail profile (Apple, Elderflower, Passionfruit, or Ginger)
Hit play and watch the jukebox mix the cocktail and mix a track at the same time!

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