Investing In Watches Can Be A Better Investment Than Gold. Here’s How

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When you think of investing your money, watches and books probably aren’t the first thing that come to mind. But according to newly released research, some fashion accessories could be a better investment than gold.

The research, conducted by HomeProtect analysed 50 items across 5 different categories; designer handbags, sneakers, first edition children’s books, watches and vinyl records. According to the findings, some items have a resale value well over 100% more than their original price.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Hermes’ iconic Birkin bag has proven itself to be a real gold-mine, by demonstrating a huge 275% increase in value be-tween 2004 and 2018 – equating to an impressive £8,473 price jump.
  • This is closely rivalled by the Chanel 2.55 Medium Flap Bag which has seen a rise of 250% – up from £1,155 to £4,043.
  • The Air Jordan and Eminem collaboration, for example, can rake in 2,993% its original retail price of £84
  • The Panerai Radiomir which retailed from 25,000 in 2004 has risen in value an average of 13.67% per year and could be worth over £150,000 today.

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This project was done in collaboration with antique expert David Harper, from BBC TV programmes including Bargain Hunt and The Antiques Road Trip.

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