It’s National Avocado Day and we’ve got a whopper to celebrate…

This soft, creamy, luscious green, vitamin packed fruit has been a must-have for slathering on our toast, bulking out our smoothies and perfecting our guacamole since it reached super fandom in the late noughties – and now it even has its own National Day for devotees to celebrate its greatness: this Friday the 31st of July!

To celebrate this auspicious day, M&S has launched a NEW Giant Hass Avocado (£2.50 each). Hass is one of the most popular varieties sold in the UK, with a creamy texture and nutty finish. This giant Hass is also ripe and ready to eat, unlike other large varieties which can take a while to soften up, making it ideal for picking up to use the same day.

At M&S, we sell an average of 250,000 avocados per week and have been supplying the nation with this versatile fruit for 40 years this year.


Back in 1980 they were labelled as Avocado Pears and (not surprisingly perhaps) us Brits assumed they were sweet, which led to many customers serving them up with custard…little did we know. Luckily, we persevered, and we now serve them every which way but with custard, looking for size, ripeness, flavour and texture.