Kapow Meggings Launch new Holo-Glitter Range

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Kapow Meggings has released their new Holo-Glitter Range of high-quality, men’s compression leggings.

The new vibrant holographic glitter styles combines show-stopping looks and incredible comfort. Made from a premium 4-way stretch fabric and ergonomic waistband, these leggings are designed for for increased flexibility.

These leggings can be found in Kapow Meggings’ Metallic & Special Range, one of their three collections.

Kapow Meggings also includes a Performance Collection featuring high-compression technology leggings for extra tough workouts, and a Originals Collection for lighter workouts, festivals and fashion.

All leggings are made from the finest premium stretch, polyester / elastane construction to provide compression, comfort and durability.

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