London hotel launches festive wreath making and flow meditation masterclass

With Christmas looking very different this year, consumers could well be looking for gifts that provide a more holistic experience. Therefore, I thought you might be interested to hear of a gift idea, designed to lift the mood as well as the senses!

Blooming Haus, floral engineers and luxury brand 7 Over 7 have collaborated to co-create a seasonal wreath with a scented candle pairing.

Besides the opportunity to buy the wreaths, a Festive Wreath Making and Flow Meditation Masterclass has been created. There are two options, a zoom event for people who prefer to remain in their own space, or three events rounded off with brunch which will be held at The Tree House Hotel, Langham Place.

The zoom event will take place on 29th November ’20 at 3:30 pm and will include:

  • DIY wreath making kits with food treats and an 80g scented candle
  • Live Zoom wreath making Masterclass with a guided meditation on flow states
  • £150 + per person for entire kit and ticket to Zoom Masterclass

The workshops will take place on 4th/12th/19th December ’20 at The Treehouse Hotel. Conducted in small groups (up to 15). Blooming Haus will guide you through their approach of artisanal methods, while 7 Over 7 will flow together as a collective with the transportive power of scented candles and a unique guided meditation.

Masterclass details:

09.45 – Arrival and welcome

10.00 – Guided breathwork and introduction to flow states led by Minal Bhanshali, founder 7 Over 7

10.15 – Wreath making tips by Master Florist Michal Kowalski, founder Blooming Haus

10.30 – Wreath making masterclass in session with flow meditation

11.30 – Closing ritual

11.45 – Proceed to brunch at Madera

12.00 – 14.00 – Brunch service

Priced at £150 please visit

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