London street artist D*Face to create a limited edition lighter

Zippo has teamed up with London street artist D*Face to create a limited edition lighter and an 11m x 7m mural in London’s Kings Cross, as part of this year’s inaugural London Mural Festival (LMF). We wanted to get in touch to share the details of the exciting partnership and offer you some interview time with D*Face?

D*Face is one of the most prominent British street artists working today. His style is easily recognizable calling on interpretations of cultural icons (Andy Warhol, Marilyn Monroe, the Queen) taking inspiration from the works of artist Roy Lichtenstein. His goal is “to encourage people to not only see, but also […] look around them, to rethink the stereotypes of our culture, to not remain passive before the reign of conspicuous consumption”.

Since 1932 Zippo has been an undeniable part of popular culture, previously collaborating with street artist Ben Eine and flame artist Steven Spazuk; Zippo brings over 86 years of artistic design to the world’s most unconventional canvas.

D*Face was selected by Zippo to create a unique mural due to his subversive take on pop culture, his strong stand against throwaway culture and his big & bold designs. A personality and personal ethos synonymous with Zippo.

In addition, Zippo has collaborated with three other street artists, Tristan Eaton, Marija Tiurina and Pref, to create the Zippo Street Art Collection of windproof lighters. A showcase of world-class graffiti talent from around the globe – find imagery to download here.

This Zippo x LMF partnership marks another move by the brand to celebrate art in all its forms via the unconventional canvas of the iconic windproof lighter, which has long served as a piece of art.

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