Louis Rodriguez: Football coaching luminary talks football, future plans and the VAR system

We had a very candid sit-down with UK based coach to the stars Louis Rodriguez! He talks about his coaching style and comments on the widely controversial VAR system that has become the centre of decision of making in football.

1. How has football evolved from your perspective over the last 10 years?
LR: Well to be fair football has evolved more in the business side of it, there is more money in football now than before and more business people are involved. Academies are still trying to bring people onto first teams but better players are coming from third world countries.

2. What new aides or technology have you found useful in football coaching?
LR: I am an old school coach and all I need is a facility and footballs- that is more than enough for me to produce results so I don’t really look at technology.

3. From a coaching perspective -what do you make of the new VAR system widely used in football matches now?
LR: VAR came into sports in the US in the 80s partly in NBA and the NFL, maybe It will help but I don’t see what the big deal is with VAR.

4. What can we expect from you in the future?
LR: I am working in the UK and abroad, I am also doing a lot of work in Pakistan trying to help put Pakistan back on that big road full of signs. I am also producing LITTLE footballers and very soon I will be able to present them out there.