Luxury stationery designer, Ananya, unveils much-awaited ‘Elephant Majesty’ Collection

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Award-winning, high-end stationery designer Ananya is well known for its exotic, alluring and luxurious designs. Adding to the designer’s already prolific and culturally inspired collections, the hotly anticipated Elephant Majesty Collection, available now, is a unique tribute to the beauty and grandeur of the elephant.

Ananya has launched this new limited-edition collection of notecards and gift tags to coincide with World Elephant Day on 12th August. World Elephant Day was launched to bring urgent attention to the plight of Asian and African elephants who are fighting for survival. The elephant is loved, revered and respected by people and cultures around the world as a symbol of majesty, intelligence, power, wisdom, success and prosperity as well as grace. It has a special significance in Indian and Buddhist scriptures.

The Elephant Majesty Collection is a tribute to this magnificent animal that could be on the verge of extinction. This lovingly handcrafted stationery collection with a contemporary flair brings the symbolism and enchantment of the elephant into the 21st century. The collection includes folded notecards as well as single notecards, available in rich colours of yellow and magenta as well as muted colours of Tiffany Blue and dusky pink. The elephants have been screen printed in opulent gold and are perfect for a note to someone special. Ideal as thank you cards during wedding season. The matching gift tags also cleverly double up as bookmarks, a perfect keepsake.

Vaishali Shah, owner and designer at Ananya says: “Our inspiration for this collection comes from India with its rich tapestry of life and with the special significance placed on animals as symbols of power, beauty, love and prosperity. References to them can be found in ancient scriptures and folk tales as well as being depicted in paintings and sculptures. They are often believed to be symbols associated with various deities. Animals are considered as friends and partners with whom we share the planet.”

Vaishali adds: “The elephant design is an original and has been hand drawn by us. We have taken a traditional motif and given it a contemporary interpretation to make it more personal, with universal appeal. Who doesn’t love receiving a beautifully written note on a gorgeous notecard? What a joy it is to see something so special in the mailbox or on the mat by the front door. For me, receiving a handwritten note from a friend or loved one is worthy

of putting aside special time to read it. This isn’t the moment to read in a hurry, it’s time instead to find your favourite spot, sit back, relax and read.”


The notecards are available on the Ananya website at:


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