Made In Chelsea’s James Taylor and Maeva D’ascanio’s final night out before new arrival

Made In Chelsea’s James Taylor and Maeva D’ascanio and Married At First Sight UK’s Adrian Sanderson and Thomas Hartley, Jenna Robinson and Zoe Clifton and Chanita Stephenson sashayed their way last night to join method and Rob Rinder in celebrating the launch of the UK’s first ‘Clean Up Pre-nup’ – an agreement for change designed to bring peace and harmony to the chore wars, once and for all. The event was also raising funds for the UK’s leading gender equality charity, The Fawcett Society.

The glitter-filled soirée at Shoreditch Studios saw celebrities dancing the night away whilst enjoying an incomparable line-up of phenomenal Drag talent, including host extraordinaire Cheddar Gorgeous and DJ TeTe Bang on the decks.

With 39% of cohabiting couples saying most of their arguments arise from a cleaning or household chore disagreement, and with the majority of women (54%) still doing the lion’s share of the housework, the Clean Up Pre-nup was launched to encourage people to kiss and break up with toxic gender stereotypes.

Couples and flat mates seeking domestic bliss signed their own personalised Clean-Up Prenups, officiated by Rob Rinder. They then celebrated by enjoying performances from Me the Drag Queen, Asifa Lahore, Adam All and Apple Derrieres whilst sipping cocktails and strutting their stuff on the dance floor.

Host, Cheddar Gorgeous, said: “Domestic bliss cannot be a reality without domestic equality. The conventional, usually gendered, perception of one person doing all the housework just doesn’t reflect how people live and more importantly how they might thrive!

“I love the way that method has always celebrated the diversity of domesticity by challenging the stereotypes of ‘women’s work’! A big con-dragulations to all the fabulous couples, cohabiters, and courting creatures who have signed method’s Clean Up Pre-nup. However we get things done, let’s get them done together!”

Jemima Olchawski, CEO of gender equality charity, the Fawcett Society, said: “We need to shake up and challenge gender norms that see women left responsible for household work – that means more men taking on their fair share. It’s women who carry the greatest burden of unpaid domestic labour, and this has a significant impact on achieving gender equality. A re-balancing of household chores and care would unlock the potential of thousands of women.”

The ‘Clean Up Pre-nup’, created in partnership with leading law firm, Lawrence Stephens is not only relevant to cohabiting romantic couples, but also for flat shares, families and friends. It can be customised and downloaded for free from the method hub

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