Midem and Nyege Nyege Hybrid Festival of The Arts Announce 2020 partnership

Ahead of a ground breaking 2020 digital edition to Uganda’s Nyege Nyege music festival, Midem and Nyege Nyege announce an industry focused component to the festival, bringing global players from the music industry to meet their East African counterparts and gain insight into one of the most exciting music markets in the world right now.

Through a series of showcases of East African musicians and panels bringing together top East African industry players from all sectors to share insights into the East African music market, Nyege and Midem aim to foster the growth of the EA market, encourage high level meetings and generate new opportunities for the industry as a whole.

The programme will include stakeholders from the region in the following sectors: Telecom, Media, Rights collection agencies representatives, Record labels heads, Artists and Managers, Event Organizers, Music Journalists, Tech Innovators, IP Lawyers, publishers and international trade bodies.

The event will highlight the artistic scene and the different music genres throughout digital showcases and DJ sets. The programme will be included in the overall Midem African Forum. With 9 events in 7 countries, including a dedicated track in Cannes during Midem, the Midem African Forum was created in 2018 with the goal of supporting the structuring and professionalization of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Participants will be invited to register on the Midem platform for free and attend the 2-day industry event “Spotlight on East Africa”, September 3-4, ahead of Nyege Nyege Festival 2020 which will bring a pan African showcase co-curated by 40 collectives from Africa and its Diaspora.

The objectives is for the Midem audience to get to know and meet a selection of the most relevant professionals and artists from the region through dedicated sessions featuring key stakeholders from the region.

In addition, all speakers and artists selected to be part of the “Spotlight on East Africa” on the Midem digital platform will have their own profile available through the speakers/Artist Discovery sections to facilitate business connections.

“Nyege Nyege has always aimed at strengthening the East African music industry by creating meaningful opportunities and links on a global level. Music markets have traditionally been difficult to access, but with its digital initiative, Midem brings their digital know how and network build over the last 50 years make it a golden opportunity for East Africa,” says Derrick Debru, Co-founder of Nyege Nyege.

For Alexandre Deniot, Director of Midem: “With the African Forum initiative, it has always been our goal to put African talent on the global music map, as well as help forge connections between the continent and the rest of the world. Following the successes of the Midem African Forum, held in Cannes, France, and across the continent via a series of one-day events in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Lagos, Abidjan, Brazzaville, Dakar and Douala since 2018, we are delighted to open a new chapter and partner with Africa’s essential electronic music festival Nyege Nyege. Since its inception in 2015 and through its record labels Hakuna Kulala and Nyege Nyege Tapes, Nyege Nyege has built a reputation for championing African music in all its diversity, and represents a model of independence and creativity. Today we are joining forces to present “Spotlight of East Africa” on the Midem Digital Edition, an exciting 2-day, online programme which will highlight talent and key artists of the region.”

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