Mike Spenser & The Cannibals: 41years later

by Matthew Martino

Here is to Mike Spenser And The Cannibals!

Happy Birthday- and yes it’s a significant one- to Mike Spenser, the undisputed King Of Trash, John Peel fave rave and rock n roll radio pioneer, working internationally in the medium, reviving the high seas pirate radio culture and launching the remarkable Trash Can Radio on DAB.

The Cannibals have been kicking up punk dirt for over 40 years in one form or another, and numerous Cannibalistic alumni will be alighting the stage tonight to celebrate with Mr Spencer.

Mike once fronted Chiswick Records biker pub/punkers The Count Bishops, roadied for the New York Dolls in their pomp and wears Lux Interior’s ring. He’s goddamn rock n roll royalty. Sad to report it will be the Cannibals Farewell gig after 41 years but the mantra is ‘Forever Trash!’ Cannibals from past to present come and join the fun.

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