London LGBTQI artists fest GFEST 2017 kicks off!

An annual November event for LGBTQI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex) artists and organisations, the 10th anniversary celebrations of GFEST – Gaywise FESTival ® will run from Monday 13 to Saturday 25 November 2017 at venues across London.

GFEST 2017 full programme details are live on the GFEST website:

“Arts Protest”: 10th anniversary GFEST showcases new art and films by new and previous GFEST artists. Films line-up includes London/ UK premieres and a revisit to some films from the previous years.

“When we started GFEST in 2007, it was a different time, stories were told in a slightly different way. Today we are telling stories with advantage of social media and technologies. We have stepped forward in winning legal battles and recognition. But the battle continues for gaining full and equal social acceptance. It is about who we are and who we love. We are still telling these diverse LGBTQI ‘protest’ stories in many new ways. The narratives have moved on but what has been constant is people are excited by these stories which stretch imaginations and help shape the creative lives of future generations.”

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